Final Fantasy Bowl

When I’m not gaming, one of my favorite ways to unwind is to do ceramics.  I just love working with clay, it’s a great creative outlet for me.  Recently in my ceramics class, we were tasked with making a 10-pound bowl, which is probably twice as big as any other piece I’ve ever made.  When I finished it up on the wheel, I was totally stoked with how well it came out.  Here it is after trimming:

The 10-pound bowl, with a pint glass for scale.

Since I’m totally in love with this bowl, I decided I would go nuts and turn it into a tribute to my own nerdiness.  After putting some thought into it, I decided that I wanted to engrave the cast of Final Fantasy 1 on the side of it.  Since I’m a terrible free-hand artist I wanted to find a way to neatly transcribe precise versions of the sprites onto the bowl..  I decided that I would go about doing this by printing out some graph paper with properly scaled squares and then copying the sprites, pixel by pixel.  Here they are after I cut them out:

The cut out sprites

From here, I held them up onto the bowl, one at a time, like so:

Fighter on the bowl

After that, I traced them with my pin tool to get an outline.  Once I had the outline, I poked my pin tool through each and every corner of the color outlines:

Fighter outline + pin marks

From here, all I had to do was connect the dots and voila, Final Fantasy 1 sprite engravings:

Finished Fighter

Finished Thief

Finished Red Mage

Finished Black Belt

Finished White Mage

Finished Black Mage

All tolled, the sprite creation took about 3 hours, and the engraving took about 6 hours.  I really didn’t expect this to take 9 hours, but I’m incredibly happy with how it’s come along thus far.  From here, the plan is to underglaze these sprites their original colors, and then do the bowl as a whole in celadon, a translucent green glaze.  It should be another couple weeks before the bowl is done, but I can’t wait and I’ll be sure to post the finished product here as soon as I can.

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6 Responses to Final Fantasy Bowl

  1. Martha says:

    Awesome! I’m so impressed that you threw 10 pounds of clay … and that the result is so pretty. I’m kind of tempted now to embroider or cross-stitch you and coordinating Final Fantasy throw pillow. 😉
    Love, Martha

  2. Armoric says:

    Looks quite nice. You were talking about ceramics on stream the other day and I was curious how it came out, but turns out it all comes back to your self-confessed nerdiness in the end. :p

    • smashgizmo says:

      Thanks. My ceramics don’t always come back to being a giant gaming nerd, but since it did in this case I thought it was a good opportunity to share what I’ve been working on. :p

  3. kathleen Wallace says:

    Wow — fantastic! Can’t wait to see the next phase!

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