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Using Deprivation as a Training Technique

Deprivation is an extremely powerful teaching tool.  In High School Health class, we had to do a 4 week deprivation experiment, where everyone in class had to give up something that they did/used/ate/drank on a regular basis for 4 weeks … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of a Rut

Last week was pretty brutal for me in solo queue LoL.  On Monday, I was sitting comfortably around 2030 elo, but by Friday, I had managed to drop all the way down to 1864.   Early in my loss streak, … Continue reading

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Developing the Right Mentality for Solo Queue in League of Legends

Ever since I managed to hit 2000 solo queue elo in Season 1, I’ve occasionally received random messages from acquaintances on my friends list, asking me how I can stand playing solo queue.  These messages are always surrounded by horror stories of … Continue reading

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